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Lake Cree


April 10, 2023

Come one, come all to the Lake Cree Amusement Park, where you won't find just games, rides, and a funhouse, but a park full of ghostly haunts!

Ella Grace loves Halloween. It's her favorite holiday. What other holiday celebrates scary rides, haunted houses, haunted hayrides, candy corn, and all other manor of frightful things?

Eli is not so in love with the holiday that celebrates all the things that can hurt you.

But he does love amusement parks.

So, when Jordan invites them all to attend the soft opening of the Lake Cree Amusement Park, he grudgingly gives in to Ella and they all head to the park where they will be locked in for the night.

Only the park is the home of an ancient force and an even deadlier presence, the very land itself bloodsoaked with a dark and violent history.

And all Supernaturals know that on All Hallows Eve, the veil between good and evil, the living and the dead, is at its weakest.

Can they survive long enough to find a way off the island, or will they be the next victims of Lake Cree?

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Everyone has been asking about Conner Kincaid's story. It is not ready and I'm not sure when it will be ready. It's an extremely emotional book to write and I find it exceptionally hard because I put so much of myself into my writing. I feel what I write and I end up crying when I work on his book. I can't say if it'll be done in a month, a year, two years. I'll let everyone know when the book is ready via my newsletter and Twitter so make sure you follow me and are subscribed!!

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