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JUNE 20, 2023

Max ~

Have you ever had that niggling feeling that no matter how perfect things appear, something is about to come along and wreck it all?

That’s how Max Sheridan feels. And it all centers around Shayna’s ex-husband, Duncan Kane, Hollywood’s favorite action star. While Max can’t prove he’s behind Shayna’s stalker, he knows it in his bones. Men as controlling and abusive as Kane never give up.

On top of all of that, his past deals him a blow that leaves him reeling. He can’t walk away from it, but he’s afraid Shayna can’t embrace it. Only time will tell.

Shayna ~

Perfection. That’s the word Shayna Moore would use to describe her life. She found a wonderful man who treats her well and puts her first. She quit her old job, and exciting new opportunities are ahead.

Until a box appears on her doorstep and brings her past back to haunt her. All her old fears come rushing back, threatening to crush her.

And Max needs her…now more than ever. Can she face her fears, or will it swallow her whole?

When she comes face to face with her stalker, she has to be brave and believe in the love she’s found, but will it be enough to keep her alive until Max comes for her?

** Max should be read prior to reading Sheridan **

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Everyone has been asking about Conner Kincaid's story. It is not ready and I'm not sure when it will be ready. It's an extremely emotional book to write and I find it exceptionally hard because I put so much of myself into my writing. I feel what I write and I end up crying when I work on his book. I can't say if it'll be done in a month, a year, two years. I'll let everyone know when the book is ready via my newsletter and Twitter so make sure you follow me and are subscribed!!

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