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DECEMBER 16, 2023


Six years ago, Dylan Jenkins lost his daughter in a tragic car accident, and his wife took her own life because she couldn’t live with the guilt of surviving. The loss of his family turned him into a hard, cold man. He quit his job as an LAPD detective and moved to New York where he took a position with Kincaid Security & Investigations. Viktor Kincaid and his company saved his life.

Then an old friend called and asked for his help. A woman and her three children had been victims of domestic violence that ended up with all of them being hospitalized with gunshot wounds. KSI took her case pro bono with Dylan in charge, forcing him to face his demons while watching them struggle to live.

His heart thawed, and he found himself falling for the fragile woman who fought like the devil for her kids. He was determined to protect them and convince this terrified woman not all men were worthless and untrustworthy. That she could love him the way he loved her. It was going to be the fight of his life, but she and her children were worth it.


Hailey Roberts didn’t have the best track record with men. She left Joshua the first time he hit her, but that only made everything worse. He had her blackballed in town, causing her to lose her job and her apartment and move into a trailer park and go on assistance. Still, he kept coming around, and the police did nothing—until he broke in and shot her and her children.

She woke up in the hospital with a group of men guarding her. The Viking who stood guard in her hospital room seemed to understand how she felt and promised to keep her and her kids safe. And he did. He became a constant in their lives, and Hailey slowly started to let herself love him…only her ex wasn’t through with her. If he couldn’t have her, no one could.

Could Dylan really protect her from her evil, violent ex, or would Joshua cost her everything—including the man she loved?

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Everyone has been asking about Conner Kincaid's story. It is not ready and I'm not sure when it will be ready. It's an extremely emotional book to write and I find it exceptionally hard because I put so much of myself into my writing. I feel what I write and I end up crying when I work on his book. I can't say if it'll be done in a month, a year, two years. I'll let everyone know when the book is ready via my newsletter and Twitter so make sure you follow me and are subscribed!!

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