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I fucked up.

She was the best and worst mistake I ever made. I took the coward’s way out and ran.

Now I have a chance to make it right, but she's being stubborn.

It used to be cute, but this time it can get her killed.

Boston's latest serial killer has his sights set on the only woman I have ever truly loved, and I will keep her safe even if it pisses her off, even if she hates me for it. All bets are off this time.

I want her. He wants her. Only one of us will win. And I never fucking lose.

~ Angelique
He left me broken, shattered.

Pain unlike any I’ve ever felt filled me in the wake of his absence.

Six years later, I thought I’d finally gotten over him and moved on. But Fate is a tricky bitch. She likes to torture us. She brought Kade back to me, but I won’t ever hurt like that again.

I just have to stay out of his bed until this is over. Fate is a cruel, cruel bitch.

The Sinner's Touch Anniversary Edition

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